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August 2, 2011 / galatianssixnine

Judge for Yourself

Note: The following is a note I wrote on Facebook years ago…

In my past notes I have underlined what’s wrong with the church and the Christian faith (in my opinion). Amongst them is one that is hung over Christians’ heads by non-Christians. So in this note I’m going to ease off the church, and pick a bone with my non-Christian friends for once.

Christians are judgmental. They are also hypocritical. This is a belief held by many non- and anti-Christians, and rightfully so. The view of Christianity today is that Southern Baptist preacher screaming about everything that “heathens” do wrong and how it will lead to a path of destruction. That same Southern Baptist preacher is the one we hear about in the news that embezzles money and cheats on his wife.

It is because of people like this that Christians get tagged for being hypocrites.

Let me tell you something- it is impossible for us not to be hypocrites, if you hold us to the standard of the One we follow.

I’ve mentioned in a past note that Christians believe in a perfect man- the only perfect man to ever live- and believe that he was that way because he was the Son of God. Unfortunately we Christians forget to mention that we are cognizant of his one-of-a-kind perfection, and pretend that we are the perfect ones…thus leading to the hellfire and brimstone sermons from preachers like the ones in Turlington on the UF campus.

But I’ve already beat this subject to the ground.

Yes, there are extremists in the Christian religion that ruin it for everyone. However, I sometimes feel like I am labeled as soon as someone finds out I am a Christian. Much in the same way an Islamic person may be labeled these days, due to the extremists in their religion.

I am under a microscope the moment I profess my faith.

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you (hopefully) that I am not a judgmental person. However I get the feeling from some of my non-Christian friends that they feel guilty when they do or say a certain thing around me that may be offensive to the typical Christian…like I am judging them for what they do.

What I ask is this- why should I hold you to the standards of my beliefs, when you don’t believe the same thing I do?

And another thing…

I have heard some things said about other people, questioning one’s faith and standards because it does not fall in line with what is known as the typical belief of that person’s religion. In other words:

“How can ‘Person A’ have such convictions on doing ‘Supposed Sin A,’ when he does ‘Supposed Sin B’ all the time? He/She’s such a hypocrite.”

Man, I hope that is never said about me. I know for a fact that I am much more liberal in my beliefs than the typical Christian. I do things (drink alcohol) that would make certain Christians be very disappointed in me. However that isn’t a conviction of mine. If I read the passage in the Bible that says not to be drunk, and take it to mean I can drink alcohol as long as I am in control, why am I held, in the minds of non-Christians, to the standards of someone who thinks alcohol is the devil?

“How can Cory have such convictions about ‘Supposed Sin A,’ when he drinks alcohol all the time? He’s such a hypocrite.”

That makes about as much sense as me yelling at a non-Christian for sinning. .

This is just a hypothetical, but see where I’m going with this? Yes, we Christians can get pretty judgmental. Which is wrong. But so can non-Christians. And guess what? That’s wrong too.

Ok so now say I do something that indeed goes against what I believe.

A good example is pre-marital sex. I’ve been asked before if I’ll ever have sex before marriage. You will never hear me say “no” to that question. I realize that I am human, and that I still slip up…a lot. While I believe whole-heartedly in the value of saving myself for marriage, I cannot say that I am strong enough to handle all kinds of temptation. A better response to that question is, “I pray that I don’t.”

Someone told me a very long time ago about an interview P.O.D. did with Howard Stern. For those of you who don’t know, P.O.D. is very religious, especially the lead singer Sonny Sandoval. For the life of me I cannot find transcripts or anything on the internet to cite this interview, so I don’t even know if it really happened, but I feel like the quote is so good, I should use it anyway.

Apparently Stern was asking them that since they’re so religious, what happens when they screw up? What will their fans do if P.O.D. fails them?

Sonny’s response was perfect: “Then they will realize I’m just a man.”

I screw up. Sometimes repeatedly. In fact I screw up every day. After writing this note, you may even catch me judging someone later (in which case I ask you to call me out).

That’s why I can’t judge anyone but myself. I can’t judge a non-Christian, as they don’t believe what I do. I can’t judge a Christian, for what they do is between them and God. So I ask my friends, Christian and non-Christian alike:

Don’t judge. Just love.


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